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Exam Plus works with companies and agencies to maintain comprehensive substance abuse programs. Our management team is highly experienced in the administration of Department of Transportation Drug/Alcohol policies. DOT regulated clients are assured their plans fully comply with every aspect of the Federal Regulations. EXAM PLUS also offers Drug-Free Workplace Programs for non-mandated clients that meet the specialized requirements and philosophy of each company; and comprehensive drug testing collection services to colleges/universities, high schools, and professional/amateur sports organizations.

This service includes electronic maintenance of all test results, result reporting to a designated representative, and five year storage and documentation of positive test results.

Random Testing

Random selection of employees for testing can be managed through Exam Plus Consortium/Third Party Administrator. Exam Plus will send the random lists to the designated employer representative at the start of each quarter or when instructed by a designated employer representative. The list will include a list of primary and alternate employees for testing. Our software also generates an audit trail which describes how primary and alternate selections are made for a particular random testing batch.

Record Keeping

Exam Plus will maintain all information required by the Department of Transportation. We will also develop additional databases to maintain any information required by your management staff. Management and statistical reports will be provided as requested.

Exam Plus uses software which is the premier random drug and alcohol testing management software available today. All information is accessible only with applicable passwords.

The Program includes:

  • Customized Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy
  • Membership in DOT random testing consortium or individual selections
  • DOT Breath Alcohol Testing and 5 Panel DOT Drug Screening
  • Drug testing includes specimen collection, initial lab test and GC/MS confirmation
  • DOT Physicals
  • Random selections and notifications – quarterly
  • Nationwide collection site network
  • Toll free number for 24 Hour Emergency Services
  • Consultation and administrative support
  • Supervisor Training
  • Substance Abuse Professional Referrals
  • Previous employer Drug/Alcohol verification forms
  • Customized chain of custody forms
  • Certified Medical Review Officer reporting of results via secured fax, email or online WebResults®
  • Competitive pricing

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Our mission is to implement an efficient drug free work place program by providing the latest products and services for today’s businesses. A high standard of excellence and collections performed in a timely manner are a priority for efficient programs and rapid results. Our company's success, which is characterized by responsiveness and service of excellence, has been founded on our dedication and quality care.

12.03.14: Our President and CEO Jose A. Batista has been selected as a winner of the Society of Emotional Intelligence 2014 EQ Awards Emotional Intelligence Community Leader.

08.13.14: Fourth year on the road Exam Plus has been nominated for the prestige Don Quijote Awards. So proud of my team; thanks to our clients and the community for the opportunity to serve you!

04.29.14: Second year on the road Exam Plus has been nominated for the 2014 Small Business Awards by Seminole County Regional Chamber of Commerce. So proud of my team and thanks to our clients for the opportunity to serve you!

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